Posted by: xanthis | January 7, 2008

Facebook Group for Comilla Opened


A group at the Geographic/Cities category for Comilla has been opened in Facebook. Those who are reading this post anyhow are members of Facebook, please join the group over Facebook. You may find it if you search a group from the criteria “Comilla”



  1. hi

  2. Hello Arifur

  3. comilla is my best place.specily maynamoti.

  4. I think it will be better if someone give the link for comilla home page.

  5. its my life

  6. i love comilla city bcoz i born there

  7. wherever i go, whatever i know-my heart will remain unfullfil & ever thirsty! why? cz i can’t forget u,my country-my comilla.

  8. My dear friends, specially those who are not in touch now cz of life reality & many mor – strongly wishes to stay in touch.Invite all me as”rockyjac”
    in facebook.Thanks to all & specially the heros behind making the site.

  9. amar nam asif,comilla(shaktalay) amar jonmo..goto doi boshor dhoray dhakay(uttara) thakay akta besokkari bissobiddaloy a civil enginearing a porche..kinto sob somoy comilla ta k khov miss kori,,jokhon bristy hoy tikhon dhormo sagor ta k khob miss kori,karon ugay bristy holay dhormo sagor chotay jetam,bristy tay bijbo bolay.

  10. i love comilla so so sooo much

  11. I love comilla because this is my city. I always miss all of my memorable moments in Comilla particularly Dharma Sagor Par……..

  12. i love comilla because this is my city.

    amar sopner rajkonna tumi …
    tomar dursopner rajputro ami…
    amar golper naika tumi…
    tomar golpe oddrisho ami…
    amar kobitar ses line tumi…


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