Posted by: comilla | July 13, 2008

Comilla Finally on Google Earth

After a long time period of waiting and expectations, finally we have found our most beloved place on Google Earth. Specifically the main town along with the Housing Estate & EPZ areas has been focused. EPZ has been highlighted for its being the formerly airfield of this region. Now, most interesting thing is image quality for Comilla is much better than those of Dhaka. Prime reason behind it is pollution, which is much more tolerable and considerably low in Comilla than Dhaka. Pollution created a man made layer of smoke upon a certain altitude that makes us see Dhaka some sort of foggy all over the year. On the other hand, images of Comilla are much sharper and clearer, and excessive influence of pond-type water bodies will attract anybody’s eyes. I haven’t seen a place like Comilla yet, having this enormous number of ponds. I have uploaded an image of a good resolution that’ll help you to have a look on major landmarks of Comilla.

Click here to get the full image of 4800×3893 resolution.



  1. Great news to hear.

  2. thanks google earth.

  3. Informative post. Thanks.

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