Posted by: xanthis | May 29, 2009

From Comilla, 29 May, 2009

07:35 AM

Although it wouldn’t be anything incredible, I never thought of a day that will have me writing one of the pieces in mobile. However the keypad of this Nokia 6288 doesn’t seem too bad to keep pushing on it for a while.

So far I can remember, in Comilla this has been the first time for me to witness the whole process of a night to have the sunrise, subsequently becoming a dawn and then a sunny, bright and lovely morning. The morning today in fact ain’t being a sunny and shiny one because the sky seems to have a very thick cloud. It can be a shower later on the day, I don’t know, but I realize that it’d be a relief from the heat that’s having us almost sweating to hell. But at least to me, a shiny and sunny morning is a priority, I mean I could do it with the heat and sweating but a gloomy morning really does mean a bad start of the day. That’s what happening in Comilla on this 28 May, 2009. However I haven’t given up being optimistic for a sunny morning because there’re still some hours for the noon to come.

I’ve reached in Comilla at 9:20 last night, and will be starting for Dhaka on this evening Inshallah. It’s really being a too short tour, in fact still I have to hold a smile of pleasure for this mighty one night stay because I am accompanied by some people who’s summer vacations are almost at end. This of my tours has been quite distant from the last one but it ain’t like I’ve been well detached from the issues of Comilla. For last couple of months I’ve been active with the Facebook group of Comilla more than any other online stuffs. I’ve been viewing the photos those member from the town have been uploading, I’ve been however communicating with these people, internet messengers or telephone, I wasn’t detached at all. But still paying a visit to this most favorite place with the family, really is pleasant.

I have the whole day to put efforts making this of my trips pleasantly successful. With me there are representatives of several families. Plans of this short trip was being talked about for last few weeks but the ultimate event that triggered the plan to action is that Tahnik and Maisha finally have got done with their months long H.S.C exams.

I wish myself a nice trip however.

To Be Continued



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