Notable Personalities



Social Activists and Philanthropists

  • Nawab Faizunnesa, poet (rup jalal), pioneer in Woman’s Education, founder of Faizunnesa Girls’ School
  • Maheshchandra Bhattacharya (1858-1944), munificent
  • Capt. Naren Dutta, physician and founder of Srikail College
  • Dr. Zobaida Hannan : Eminent physician(Gynaecologist), philanthropist and Ekushey medal owner.


Educationists and Scholars

  • Mahasthabir Shilvadra (529-654), principal of Nalanda Bihar
  • Saidur Rahman (1909-1987), eminent teacher
  • Mohammad Ali Azam (1908-1978), novelist and author, one of the contributors of Encyclopædia Britannica
  • Ajit Kumar Guho (1914-1969)
  • Ataur Rahman Khadim (1933-1971), researcher, killed after Operation Searchlight (25th March genocide) was launched inside Dhaka University in 25 March, 1971
  • Safura Khatun, teacher
  • Dr. Mobin Khan



  • Buddhadeb Bosu (1908-1974), legendary Bangla poet, novelist, translator, editor and essayist
  • Anis Chowdhury (1929-1990), novelist and dramatist
  • Mohammad Kasem (1905-1957), editor and publisher
  • Abdul Kadir (1906-1984), researcher, poet and editor
  • A.K.M Ali Akbar Khan, teacher and poet



  • Sachin Dev Burman (1906-1975), recognized as S.D. Burman, singer, composer and music director
  • Jan-e-Alam Chowdhury (1884-1967), tabla player
  • Ustaad Mohamed Husain Khasru (1903-1959), classical musician and composer
  • Himangsu Kumar Dutta (1908-1944), musician and composer
  • Shukhendu Chakrabarty (1928-1989), lyricist, musician and composer
  • Shoila Devi (1916-1944), singer
  • Rahul Dev Burman, recognized as R.D. Burman, son of S.D. Burman, composer and pioneer in Bollywood music direction
  • Fazle Nizami (1933-1984), music teacher & Rabindra sangeet singer
  • Badal Roy, USA based tabla player
  • Ustaad Ruhullah, Nazrul sangeet singer
  • Kaulendu Das





  1. i am so happy to know all our all famous person.we proud of them.

    sharmine akter Rupa

  2. very appreciating to provide such information about the above grat personnels

  3. i am so happy to know all our all famous person.
    i love somes comilla

  4. ex juktafront education minister mr ashraf uddin chowdhury name is absent please add tis name

  5. I am so happy to know some famous person.where is mopes uddin name and motin kosro name?

  6. I am surprised to know that S.D and R.D burman is a Comillan and feeling proud to be a comillan….
    Comilla the land who gave so many bright son to Bangladesh.

  7. i think u can remove mustaq n mujibur rahman name from the list they r all son of bitch

  8. good for us.because a website needed to know deeply about our lovely comilla.

  9. srosta jeno tader sokol k poro kalay sorgo vashi koray ai parthona kori,karon tader obodaner jonno e amora comilla niay gorbo kortay pari.

  10. I am happy to see the list. at least something is done. But there is so much to do. Although I am born and raised in Dhaka by my forefathers are from Monohorgonj, Comilla. My mother from Borura, Comilla. I have visited my village many times. Comilla has always been famous for literacy and education. I call all the peoples around the world who hails from Comilla to contribute to save the history of Comilla and its beautiful peoples. It wont be bad if we can work with the Greater Comilla i.e Comilla, Chandpur and B. Baria.

  11. Thank you for all these collection. I didn’t know all those people from comilla. I was born in Sharifpur, Monohorgonj, Comilla.

    Los Angeles, CA, USA.

  12. Its an unique effort. But I am surprised not to see the name of Khan Bahabur Abidur Reza Chowdhury. He was the chairman of comilla district board for 30 years at a strech which is an epoch making event in the anal of united Bengal. He was also an MLA from 1937-54. The book COMILLA ZILLAR ITIHAS bears only one full paged photograph that belongs to Mr. Abidur Reza Chowdhury. Though this versatile genius now belongs to chandpur district but the history of comilla would be definitely incomplete without his name.

  13. Thanks for giving such information.

  14. we love our comilla.


  15. i really astronished to know about the famous personalities & historical importanes of COMILLA…………………!

  16. i love my motherland & birthplace. Don’t negative coments about your own………plz.

  17. u should include the name Dr. Fazlul Halim Chowdury ( one of the famous VC of DU) and famous sociologist Dr. nazmul Karim..both r from comilla…u can add them in the list of notable person of comilla.

  18. really visiting this site i came to know about the notable personalities of Copmilla districts.i m proud to be born in this state. may be included the name of Dr. Mahfujr Rahman ,the first Phd. holder in computer science in post war bangladesh and founder of dept. of computer science in BUET.

  19. Its a good site to achieve clear concept about Comilla..

    Need more exclusive information & update news…

    Thanks to the Moderators…

  20. Really i love my motherland and my own city in comilla. really i appriciated the inculde famous people in website. many thanks-Delowar Hossain
    Dammam-Saudi Arabia.

  21. G

  22. we r proud ob them……………

  23. i am so much astonish to see this address. this is so much creative, smart & also presentable views of comilla. i hope everybody like this. thanks.

  24. Its very good idea for Comilla people . I wish their good work……………

  25. I like Comilla .I love comilla for ever ………….

  26. May u need to added another events.example…..stock exchange rate,hint’s of world news & comilla’s memorial program.

  27. I am so surpise that i cannot expres my opinion . Thank you for creating this site. I love my Homedistriat and prove our district’s notable persons.


  29. […] Notable Personalities Welcome to […]

  30. Thank you so much for all the information about our beloved Comilla . Surprised not to find Mrs. Rabeya Chowdhurys name on the list. I beleive her name should be up there with others as notable personalities.


  31. add asif akbar

  32. Nice to see some pics of comilla, i have heard only the stories i am born in calcutta, but our ancestral home is in comilla, somewhere in suparibagan, after partition our family came from there and settled in calcutta, india i belong to the family of the eminent scholar of comilla, Mr Ajit kumar guha our ancestral home still there one day wud like to visit if get opportunity

  33. Add more name of politician from british period to now like the two sister who dedicated their life for freedom from British, Abdul Aziz Khan, former MLA & organiser of liberation war. Prof. Khorshed Alam & others

  34. General Iqbal Karim Bhuiya, Army Chief

  35. I belongs to Kolkata having our property at Rasulpur of Burdwan district. My father born & brought up at Comilla who died in 1984 here.He was very proud about his native place but never visited his childhood places after coming from East Pakisthan in 1950. He keep on asking about the district who ever have some updated knowledge about the district.

  36. My grandfather, grandmother, father any may of our family members were born in Comilla district, Bramhanbaria subdivision…..After the partition of India our family starts residing in West Bengal , India…..However I have much affection about the city…..till the sad demise of my grandmother and father I have heard many stories about the city…..they are very nostalgic…..

  37. Lot of thanks for this kind of activities.Many many person will know about Comilla.My proposal is that here is absent one very important name which name is the history of liberation war & post Independence.He was an excellent Proffessor in Physics in Comilla Victoria College & many others College.He is the Civil Liajo Officer in 2no. Sector of Liberation War.Post independence he is the 1st governor of Comilla,1st M.P of Comilla Sadar,1st president of Greater Comilla District Awameelege.The most important is that he is one of the writer of Bangladesh Constitution in 1972.He is the member of Constitution Drafting Committee which members are 34,leaded by Dr.Kamal Hossain. As a constitution writer I think he leads the whole nation.He first raised our National Flag in Comilla in 23 March 1971.Really he is the honest politician.We can proud for him.

  38. Yesterday I had given a comment.i mantioned the contribution of a notable person.But unfortunately I not mentioned his name.His name is Proffessor Md.Khorshed Alam.He is one of the constitution writer in 1972,Post independence 1st governor of Comilla,1st MP of Comilla sadar,1st President of greater Comilla District Awameelege.He is the Civil Liajo Officer In 2no. Sector & Convenor of Sharbodoleeo Awamee Shongram Parishad in Greater Comilla in the Liberation War.

  39. Anyone can display some photographs of Gossar , Brahmanberia subdivision, comilla district.

  40. My mother birth place, I am grandson late Prabhat Chandra Bhattacharjee and My Uncle (Mama) Late Bishwanath Bhattachajree , if any body know at present their family please mail me I want to want to visit that place- now I am in Mumbai

  41. Economist Mr Amlan Dutta , EX VC of Biswabharathi , Santiniketan was born Comilla.

  42. My grandfather, grandmother, father , mother any may of our family members were born in Comilla district, After the partition of India our family starts residing in West Bengal and Tripura, India…..However I have much affection about the city…..till the sad demise of my mother I have heard many stories about the city…..she is very nostalgic… my relatives are still live in comilla.if u know my grandfather kindly mail grandfather name was late Chandra sekhar das.and my another dadu (mamabarir) whose name was late rajendra Chandra sarkar.

  43. How about Nazimul Alam Chowdhury? Bad guy!

  44. Nasimul Alam Chowdhury had cheat in business from his partner from Korea. He is smucker.

  45. smuggle?

  46. whene I saw my Grand father’s (kulendu das)name aslo here im really happy but plz add his birth and death day … I want to share ( Kulendu das was younger brothe of shaila devi..)

  47. great work! thanks for your information of famous person of Comilla. I will expect from you to add another person who are celebrity of Comilla.

  48. nice to see this …. i think in this list the name of rafiqul islam should be included … rafiqul islam is a freedom fighter and he is the architect of international mother language day …. he born in rajbari compund of comilla….his younger brother saiful islam safu is a martyr freedom fighter ….. rafiqul islam’s organisation ” the mother language lovers of the world ” got ekushe podok in the year 2002 for their contribution in declaring 21st february as international mother language day by unesco in the year 1999…

  49. 2 renowned names are missing in ” Music” portion. one is Ustaad Surendra Narayan Das (renowned classical music artist and Gold Medalist) and another is Sudhin Das ( Ekushe Padak holder and Nazrul Sangeet Swaralipikar). These two names should be included.

  50. I want to connect my paternal sister Smt. Usha Bhattacharya & her Husband Dr.Sudhir Bhattacharya of Eliot Gunge,Comilla Dist. Anybody can help me. K.K. Bhattacharya ,S/o, Late Ratish Chandra Bhattacharya 22/01/2015 ——–07:59pm

  51. Nice

  52. Thanks a lot for posting the name of great personalities of Comilla. But unfortunately there is no names those who killed by Pakistan Army in 1971. Please collect the names of SHAHIDs including those were not from Comilla, but living in Comilla.

  53. Very nice

  54. want to know more about Radhakanta aich

  55. Two names should also be included in the Music Portion one is Smt. Alaka Das ( Renowned Classical music artist, active from 1965- present,) and her younger brother Manas Kumar Das ( leading Nazrul Sangeet singer at present time). How these names are excluded in the above list? Its totally unfortunate.

  56. A lot of days went since my request to include the name of Ustaad Surendra Narayan Das Sangeet Ratna and his younger brother Sree Sudhin Das and his wife Smt. Nilema Das in the MUSIC part. I dont know why the authority is not updating this list. This list could be more resourceful by adding these names. But no change occurred. Please revise the list of Notable personalities.

  57. I am very delighted to get these collection together about the great personalities of beloved Comilla. Now I can feel proud about Comilla. We have all sectors great persons including education, economist, politicians, poet and singers.

  58. Nice to see names but commilla was a hindu dominant place before the war. My grand parents house was der we used to own the present peoples bank right in centre of the city and our house is now a majid. Sad to see how we were forced to vacate the lovely place and now living in another country

  59. very good and useful collection…

  60. I m very much delighted & feeling proud to read the list of heritages of comilla in different streams. In music part some infomation about Ustad Kulendu Das may be added- “date of birth of kulendu das was 02/02/1920 and died on 20/10/1985. He was a singer, lyricist, musician & composer also was a Fredom Fighter(Sabda Soinik) in 1971, liberation war. Reputed singer Shaila Devi was his elder sister.

    By: Kalyan Das
    Son of Ustad Kulendu Das
    mobl: +8801711359940/+8801710636336

  61. Now need to segregate them as per present district. It is important and urgent.
    Better to include all the sectors for inspiring future generations.

  62. knowledge side to know about comilla prominent person

  63. A lot of names are mission in Music Section. A renowned Das family from Talpukur Par (Comilla), who had and have a lot of contribution in music arena at past as well as as present. I have observed some names in comment portion but not included in the article. Here are the list:

    1. Pandit Sree Surendra Narayan Das Sangeet Ratna;
    2. Sree Sudhin Das;
    3. Smt. Nilema Das;
    4. Vidushi Alaka Das;
    5. Manas Kumar Das;
    6. Tapas Kumar Das.

    All the above names that, I have mentioned are/ were well established in the music arena (Classical Music, Nazrul Sangeet, Modern songs) of Bangladesh. I am worried, whether the authority is reluctant to review the comments made or whether they are ignoring the comment simultaneously.

  64. Eminent professor Mobasser ali, who was born in Bagichagaon in comilla and dance director G.A.Mannan’s names were in the list. You alos forgot to inclue name of celebrated music director Shaikh sadi khan’s name, who recently received national prize. He was son of ostad Ayet Ali khan and they used to iive at kandirpar.There are many other eminent persons who were from comilla whose names have not been included.

  65. Sri NarendraChandra Dutta established the Comilla Corporation Bank. He is mentioned as a pioneer in indegenous banking along with Prince Dwarkanath Tagore. Comilla Corporation was later amalgamated with 4 other banks to form the United Bank of India by N.C.Dutta ‘s son late Sri BataKrista Dutt.

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